Coaches & Team Administrators,

Heritage continuously trains our umpires. Many hours are expended in both classroom and field training. The performance, appearance, rule knowledge, game management and professionalism of our officials is very important to us. We use your feedback to help us achieve our goals.

We want to offer you the opportunity to give us feedback on the performance of the umpires for your game(s). We take these evaluations very seriously. We want to know your opinion of a good job as well as a poor one.

This evaluation will be sent to the Heritage Umpire-in-Chief of the respective sport-baseball or softball. Unless there is a serious violation of Heritage Policy & Procedures or, if applicable, a serious violation of GHSA performance standards, your evaluation will be kept private and the umpire(s) will not be informed of your specific complaint(s).   We will share a favorable report with the official(s) involved.

If you request to have someone contact you, a member of the Executive Board or the Umpire-in-Chief will do so. Be sure to leave a number in your feedback if you want someone to contact you.

We thank you for your time and effort in assisting us to provide the best trained officials possible.

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