P.O. Box 271, Thomaston, GA 30286
To be accompanied by registration fee and submitted to the GHSA by the Association Secretary
Association Name
Name (First / Last)
LAST 5 digits of Social Security Number
Mailing Address
( Street or P.O. Box )
( City )
( Zip Code )
Business Phone
Home Phone
Education (Select One)
Have you ever been convicted of any of the following crimes:
Sexual offense of any kind, crime against a minor, a drug-related offense in the past 10 years, DUI in the past 5 years,  gambling?
If "Yes", please give full particulars about the offense (including the date and place of conviction):
Sport of Registration
Number of years officiating above sport
Do you have prior officiating experience with GHSA?
If "YES",, what sport ?
What association?
What year?
Do you have prior officiating experience in another state?
If "YES",, what state?
What Sport(s)
How Long (Years)
(NOTE:  It is the responsibility of the official to contact the former state high school association to have records sent to the GHSA.  Records needed per sport are years of experience, last year's clinic attendance, games worked, exam scores, and current rating.)
 I understand that I will be expected to comply with the GHSA rules and procedures as outlined in the GHSA Constitution and By-Laws and in the GHSA Official's Accountability Manual.

I understand that amateur officials are independent contractors and are not employees of the GHSA or the local official's association.

I affirm that all information on this application form is true, and I understand that any falsification could be cause for my removal as a GHSA official.
By typing my name in the signature box, I understand that I am electronically signing this application and that my name typed therein represents my signature.
GHSA Application to Register as an Official
Read this before completing the GHSA application:
Every official in their first year with Heritage that officiates a GHSA sanctioned game is required to complete a GHSA Application.
  • If you umpired high school baseball last year with Heritage, you do not need to submit a GHSA application for baseball registration.
  • If you umpired high school softball last year with Heritage, you do not need to submit a GHSA application for softball registration.

​A GHSA Application is good for as long as you umpire the same sport with Heritage.
  • If you miss a year, change associations or are a new member, you must submit a new GHSA Application

​Using the guidelines above, GHSA Applications are required BEFORE you officiate a GHSA game.
  • If you fail to submit a GHSA Application as required, you will not be assigned to GHSA games nor will you have the ability to access the required GHSA on-line clinic(s) and test(s).

If you are required to submit a GHSA Application:
  • Make sure your information is accurate. The information you submit on your GHSA Application is a part of your permanent record.
  • Make sure the spelling (including punctuation and capitalization) ​is correct.
  • Double-check your social security number. The last five (5) digits of your social security number represent your GHSA ID number.
  • At the end of the GHSA Application, you will type your name as your signature. Your typed name represents your signature.
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